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Julius Nyerere School of Social Sciences


Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

About the Department

Welcome to the Sociology and Social Anthropology Department in the Julius Nyerere School of Social Sciences. The Department offers five pragrammes, which are, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Sociology, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Social Anthropology, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Peace, Conflict and Governance, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Social Ecology, the multidisciplinary Master of Science Degree in Demography and Population Studies as well as Doctor of Philosophy degrees in the above subject areas. These dynamic programmes prepares candidates with requisite knowledge, intellect and competences to meet challenges in the contemporary world.

Department Staff


Dr. M. Sibanda

DPhil (Social Anthro) [UFH, 2011], BSc Hons. (Agric Animal Sc) [UZ, 1992], Advanced Postgrad. Certi (Environment and Dvt) [UKZN, 2004], PGDHTE [GZU, 2017], Cert. (Mgt) [Zimbabwe Institute of Management, 2001]

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Research interests

Environmental Issues, Gender and Disaster Management


SECRETARY – Mrs. S. Makuyana

BCom Hons. (Bus. Management) [GZU, 2015], HND (Office Management) [2007]

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Title Names Area of specialization All Qualifications E-Mail address Mobile/Business Telephone numbers
Dr Tinashe Rukuni

Peace building, Negotiation, Peace gardening, Non-violence,

Conflict Resolution, Governance,

Mediation, Trauma healing, Election processes and  Action Research

PhD (Peace Studies) [DUT, 2019]

Certificate of Proficiency (Peace, Leadership & Conflict Transformation) [NUST, 2014]

MSc (Peace, Leadership & Conflict Resolution) [ZOU, 2012]

Grad CE –[UZ, 2003]

BD (Religion& History) [ AU, 1997] +263-772244080
Mr Basure Hardlife Stephen Alternative medicine, medical anthropology, anthropology of religion, contemporary anthropological issues

PhD Candidate (Anthropology) UP

MSc (Socio & Social Anthro) [UZ, 2010] BSc (Sociology) [UZ, 2008] +263-776234037
Mrs Joseline Wadzanai Chitotombe Environmental policy issues, natural resource governance, industrial ecology MSc (Social Ecology) [UZ, 2007] BSc Hons. (Socio.) [UZ, 2004] Diploma in personnel management IPMZ +263-772 118 172
Dr Elias Madzudzo Food systems Research, Innovation Policy, Natural Resource Governance, Ethnicity DPhil (Int. Dev. Studies) [Roskilde University, Denmark, 2000] MPhil (Social Studies) [UZ, 1996] MA (Dev. Studies) [Cambridge University, U.K] BSc Hons. (Socio & Social Anthro) [UZ, 1986] +263-775 359833
Mr Leonard Chirenje Tourism, Ecotourism, Sustainable Energy Issues, Livelihoods, Resource Management

PhD Candidate (UNU)

Master of Advanced Studies (Human Ecology) [University of Brussels] Master of Human Eco [Uni of Brussels] BA Hons. (Edu) [AU] +263-777 317 205
Mr Maxwell Chuma Gender issues, migration Livelihoods, Labour, sexuality

PhD candidate (GZU)

MSc. (Sociology & Social Anthro.) [UZ, 2005] BSc Hons. (Sociology) [UZ] Dip (Educ.) [UZ] +263-772 818 865
Mr Gumisai Tinotenda Mutangi Livelihoods, Sexuality, Religion, indigenous knowledge systems MSc (Socio. & Social Anthro) [UZ, 2010] BSc Hons. (Socio.) [UZ, 2008] +263-773 215 824
Dr Lloyd Nhodo Forced displacements, Rural and Urban Livelihoods and Human Security.

PhD (Sociology) UKZN, Post Grad Cert (Security Sector Governance) Wits

MSc (Socio. & Social Anthro) [UZ, 2008] BSc Hons. (Sociology) [UZ,2007] +263-773 663 403
AssoProf Simbarashe Gukurume Pentecostalism and politics, Student activism, Consumerism. PhD (Sociology) [UCT, 2018] MSc (Socio. & Social Anthro.) [ UZ, 2010] BSc (Sociology) [UZ, 2008] Certificate climate change +263-772 341 771
Dr Charles Dube Forced displacements, Pentecostalism, Urban governance PhD Social Anthropology (Stellenbosch) 2017.MPhil Monitoring and Evaluation (Stellenbosch) MSc (Socio. & Social Anthro) [UZ, 2008] BSc (Sociology) [UZ, 2006] +263-719 870 741
Dr Josiah Taru Anthropology of Christianity, Religion, Culture, Politics, Money and Consumption. PhD (Humanities-Anthropology) UP, MSc (Socio & Social Anthro) [UZ, 2010] BSc (Sociology) [UZ, 2008] +263-772 834 967
Dr Owen Mafongoya Indigenous knowledge and climate change, gender and climate change, rural livelihoods and agriculture. DPhil (Rural Resource Management) [UKZN, 2018] MSc (Socio & Social Anthro) [UZ, 2011] BSc (Sociology) [UZ, 2007] +263-773 367 043
Dr Kiriana Dube Vulnerability, Gender, Public Health, Climate Change and Environment, Livelihoods PhD (Sociology) [UJ 2020] PGD Public Health MSc [UWC 2020] MSc (Socio. & Social Anthro) [UZ, 2010] BSc Hons. (Socio. & Social Anthro) [WUA, 2005] +263-772 474 334
Mr Jacob Tagarirofa Gender and development, Development Policies, Conflict and Violence, Religion and Inequalities, Peace and Governance, Elections and Participatory Democracy PhD Candidate UFS, MA (Dvt. Studies) [UWC, 2011] BSc Hons. [GZU, 2008] PGDHTE [GZU, 2017] +263-774 583 306
Dr Rodgers Dumizulu Manungo Peace Studies, Action research, Sports, Reintegration, Youth & Child soldiering, Negotiation & Mediation Skills, Social research, Democracy, Governance, Music

PhD in Public Administration (Peace Studies)-Durban University of Technology (2018),

Executive Certificate in Security Sector Governance-University of Witwatersrand (2016)

Master in Peace & Governance-Africa University (2005),

BA (Honours) (History)-University of Zimbabwe (2003),

BA (General) (History)-Solusi University (1999)



Mr David Mago Social policy, social protection, Rural non-farm activities, women, conflict and peacebuilding, public financial accountability, sociology, rural tourism MSc (Development studies) Fort Hare, 2015 HONS Development studies (Fort Hare), 2012 BSc Sociology (GZU +263-774 697 602
Mr Taona Museva EIA, Management of veld fires, Remote Sensing of Greenhouse gases, GIS and Remote Sensing Applications in Environmental Management, Agriculture and the Environment, Environmental Justice, Renewable Energy. MA (Env. Pol. & Planning) [UZ, 2012] BA Hons. (Geo) [UZ, 2004] PGDHTE [GZU, 2017] +263-774 695 366
Dr Manasa Sibanda Environmental Issues, Gender and Disaster Management DPhil (Social Anthro) [UFH, 2011], BSc Hons. (Agric Animal Sc) [UZ, 1992], Advanced Postgrad. Certi (Environment and Dvt) [UKZN, 2004], PGDHTE [GZU, 2017], Cert. (Mgt) [Zimbabwe Institute of Management, 2001], PGDHTE +263772 284 644
Mr Oswell Rusinga Socio-economic aspects of child health and nutrition, Population dynamics and sustainable development, Human development and capability, Disability and development PhD Candidate UNISA, Msc (Pop Studies) [UZ, 2008] BA Hons. (Geo.) [UZ, 2005] +263-774 178 860
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