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Julius Nyerere School of Social Sciences

Department of Human Resource Management

About the Department

Welcome to the Human Resource Management Department in the Julius Nyerere School of Social Sciences. The Department recognizes the strategic importance of human capital in business and remains focused to this end. The Department houses the following pragrammes, viz: Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Human Resource Management, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Industrial Relations, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Politics and Public Administration and the Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management. These programmes are meant to equip students with the knowledge, capabilities and abilities needed to drive both private and public institutions in Zimbabwe and world over.

Department Staff


Mr. N. Mashavira

MBA [Solusi, 2007], BA (Edu) [AU, 1999], B.Com Hons (HRM) [LSU, 2017], Dip. (Edu) [UZ, 1994]

Email address:

Research interests

Human Resources Management in SMEs, Organisational behaviour


SECRETARY – Ms. D. Tarusikirwa

BCom (Office Management) [GZU, 2014]

ND (Secretarial Studies) [Harare Polytechnic, 2004]

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Dr. F. Maunganidze

Postdoctoral fellow, university of Pretoria 2017 to 2019,Research associate University of Pretoria

PhD (HRM) [UKZN, 2016]

MSc (HRM) [MSU, 2007]

BSc (Psy.) [UZ, 2002]

Profession a Professional Work,

Emotional Labour

Dr. W. Nyamubarwa

Doctor of Human Resources Management [Central University of Technology, Free State, South Africa;2020]

MSc (HRM) [MSU, 2009]

BA (Eng and Comm Studies) [ZOU, 2002]

Diploma in Training Management (IPMZ) [2010]

HND (Lib and Info Science) [ Harare Polytechnic, 2001]

Family–owned business,

Relief HR in SMEs,

SMEs and Regional Development,

Formalising HR in SMES

Dr. H. Mupani

Doctor of  Human Resources Management [ Central University of Technology, Free State , South Africa;2020]

MSc (HRM) [MSU, 2012]

BSc (Psy. and HRM) [GZU, 2008]

Employee Resourcing,

Labour Relations.

Mr. L. Kasenya

MBA [ZOU, 2005]

BA (Eng and Psy.) [UNISA, 1985]

Sec Sch Tr’s Cert [Gweru Trs College, 1979] Training and development in small scale, Agricultural Production.
Ms. C. Musara

Masters in International Relations [BUSE, 2016]

MBA [ESAMI Tanzania, 2008]

BS Hons in PPA [UZ, 2003] International relations, Public administration- Food security
Mr. N. Mapira

MSc (HRM) [MSU, 2013]

BSc (HRM) [BUSE, 2010]

Talent Management,

Organisational Analysis


Mr. E. Muchadenyika

MSc (HRM) [MSU, 2011]

B. Admin (Bus Mgt, Public Admin) [UNISA, 2005]

Bed. (Eng. & Special Educ.) [UZ, 1988]

CE (GTC, 1981)

Labour Relations,

Sustainable HR practices in SMEs,

Leadership and Change

Mrs. P. Mkandatsama

Advanced training in Payroll Management ,Bellina ,2021

Post  Graduate Diploma In Higher and Tertiary Education (PGDHTE, GZU ,2017)

MSc. (HRM) [MSU, 2015]

BSc (HRM) [MSU, 2005]
Ms. V. Zvobgo

Master of Public Admin [Kennesaw University]

BComm Hons. (Organ Psychology) [UCT]

BSc (Labor, Org Psycho and HRM) [UCT]

Human Resources Management,

Organizational Behavior,

Managing Diversity

Mr. P. Muchacha

MBA [UZ, 2004]

BSc Hons. (Econs)[UZ, 1991]

Dip (Accountancy) [Institute of Admin and Commerce,

SA, 1996]

Organisational Quality Culture

Corporate, Governance in State Universities in Zimbabwe

Mr. J. Tinarwo

MSc. (Pub. Admin.) [UZ, 2012]

BSc Hons. (Admin.) [UZ, 2008] Governance of Food and Nutrition Security, Monitoring and Evaluation, Public Policy Analysis, Political Economy, Public Enterprise Reform, Social Protection, Public Finance, Development Management, Value Chains Analysis and Project Management

DBL (UNISA, 2020)

MBA (NUST, 2004)

PGDHRM (Amity University, 2015)

BCOM (Honours) in HR, Industrial and Labour Relations Management (RCU, 2018)


Diploma in Personnel Management, (IPMZ, 2004)

Diploma in Education (UZ)

Job satisfaction

Employee welfare

Family owned businesses

Management of HR in SMEs

Employee engagement

Reward management


PhD Management and Public Administration (UKZN – 2016)

MSc International Relations (UZ – 2012)

Diploma in Human Resources Management (IPMZ 2012)

BSc Political Science (UZ- 2010)

Diploma in Education (UZ – 2004)

Trade facilitation; Research methodologies; Conflict resolution; African Indigenous Knowledge systems; Inclusive development

Doctor of  Human Resources Management [ Central Univeristy of Technology, Free State , South Africa;2020]

MBA degree [ Solusi University, Zimbabwe,2007]

B Comm Hons degree in Human Resources Management(passed with a Distinction) , Lupane University, Zimbabwe,2017]

B A with Education [Africa University,1999]

Diploma in Education[University of Zimbabwe,1994]

Certificate in Human Resource Analytics [IPMZ,2020]

-exploring the black box between HRM practices and the performance of entrepreneurial ventures in selected SADC countries.

-Decent work and the variables that mediate performance in contemporary organisations.

-Managing performance

-Managerial Competencies


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