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Julius Nyerere School of Social Sciences


Department of Psychology


About the Department

Welcome to the Department of Psychology. The Department is one of the four departments of the Julius Nyerere School of Social Sciences. The Psychology Department offers five programmes, which are Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Psychology, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Counselling, Bachelor of Science Special Honours Degree in Psychology, Master of Science Degree in Counselling Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Psychology. The department strives to offer Afrocentric counselling and psychology. In that regard, the lecturers and students are constantly engaging in research activities that endeavor to address mental health issues from an African perspective. The Master of Science Degree in Counselling Psychology programme is specially designed to offer practical knowledge to students who will be preparing to register as counselling psychologists.

Department Staff



Mr.H. Zirima

MSc (Edu Psy.) [UZ, 2012], BSc Hons. (Psy.) [UZ, 2004], Registered Educational Psychologist

Email address:

Research interests

Child and Adolescent Psychology

Educational Psychology


SECRETARY – Ms. J. Madidike

HND (Secretarial Studies) [Masvingo Polytechnic, 2014]

Email address:


Dr. J. Mtemeri

PhD (Edu Psy.) [UNISA, 2017]

MEd (Edu Psy.) [MSU, 2008]

Special Hons. (Psy) [GZU, 2016]

BSc (Counselling) [ZOU, 2005] Dip. (Edu) [UZ, 1995]

Educational Psychology,

Social Psychology,


Special Populations

Mrs. G.N.K. Shoniwa

MSc (Edu Psy.) [UZ, 1999]

BSc Hons. (Psy.) [UZ, 1991]

BA [University of Zambia, 1983]

Gender-based violence,

Educational Psychology,

Industrial Psychology

Mr. Z. Samson

MSc (Edu Psy.) [UZ, 2012]

BSc Hons. (Psy.) [UZ, 2003]

Registered Intern Educational Psychologist [AHPCZ, 2011)

Career Counselling,

Inclusive Education,

Social Psychology

Mr. H.T. Chikukwa

MPhil (Counselling) [ZOU, 2012]

BSc Hons. (Psy.) [UZ, 2005]

Cert. (Educ) [UZ, 1991]

Counselling Psychology,

Developmental Psychology,

HIV and AIDS Management, Research

Training and Capacity Building,

Research and Project Management

Mr. E. Maziti

MSc (Clinical Psy.) [UZ, 2011]

BSc Hons. (Psy.) [UZ, 2007]

Executive Certificate in Community Development and Humanitarian Project Management [UZ, 2009]

Certificate in Practical Monitoring and Evaluation [UZ, 2008]

Registered Intern Clinical Psychologist [A/PSY0414]

Indigenous Knowledge Systems in  Counselling and Psychotherapy

Bereavement Issues,

Somatoform Disorders



Mr. E. Nkoma

MSc (Edu Psy.) [UZ, 1997]

BSc Hons. (Psy.) [UZ, 1989]

Registered Psychologist [AHPCZ, 1992]

Inclusive Education in Schools,

Teaching and Learning Assessment

Mrs. S. Kasinamunhu MSc (Comm. Psy.) [MSU, 2015] BSc Hons. (Psy.) [MSU, 2007]

Community Psychology,

Developmental Psychology,

Social Psychology,

Psychology of Gender

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