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Julius Nyerere School of Social Sciences


Department of Rural and Urban Development

About the Department

Welcome to the Department of Rural and Urban Development. The Department is one of the four departments of the Julius Nyerere School of Social Sciences. The Rural and Urban Development Department offers three programmes, which are Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Urban Planning and Development, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Rural Development, Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Local Governance Studies and Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Rural and Urban Development. The department strives to equip students with technical skills in rural, urban planning and development through Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing, Auto Card, a process concerned with the designing, development and use of land and environmental protection for public welfare. Members of staff in the Department and students are in partnership with the Non-Governmental Organisations, urban and rural councils in research and development activities that endeavor to resolve community challenges. The Department has proposed Master of Science Degree in City and Regional Planning and Master of Science in Rural Development programmes in its quest to address the needs of the market at both local and regional scale.

Department Staff


Mrs. E. Gozo

MSc (GIS & Earth Observation, Specialisation: WREM (ITC) [University of Twente, The Netherlands, 2008], BSc Hons. (LWRM) [MSU, 2004]

Email address:

Research interests

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing applications, Climate change and environmental management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental modeling, Rural/Urban development and the environment


SECRETARY – Mrs. C. Mandude

ND Secretarial Studies [Masvingo Polytechnic, 2003]

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Prof. B. Chazovachii

PhD (Geo.) [UFS, 2016]

MSc  (RUP) [UZ,2007]

PGD (Project Planning & Mgt) [UZ, 2006]

BSc Hons. (Geo. & Env. Science) [2001]

PGDHTE [GZU, 2017] Smallholder irrigation agriculture, rural livelihoods,  project planning and management, rural institutions and production systems, rural and urban poverty reduction
Dr. L. Chitongo

PhD (Rural Dvt) [UFS, 2017]

MSc (RUP) [UZ, 2010]

Special Hons (Urban Dvt Studies) [LSU, 2015]

PGD (Project Planning & Mgt) [UZ, 2008]

BSc (Geo.) [UZ, 2005]

PGDHTE [GZU, 2017] Rural and Urban livelihoods, Housing, Public Policy Analysis, Project Planning and Management, Environmental Management
Mr. G. Guta

MSc (Strategic Mgt) [CUT, 2013]

MSc (RUP) [UZ, 2003]

PGD (Project Planning & Mgt) [UZ, 1996]

BSc Hons. (Eco.) [UZ, 1995]

PGDHTE [GZU, 2017] Rural Finance and Development
Mr. A. Mabaso

MA (Env. Policy & Planning) [UZ, 2014]

BSc Hons. (RUP) [UZ, 2006]

Urban resilience, ecologically sensitive urban planning,  evaluation of urban development plans,

application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in urban planning

Mr. T. R. Gambe


MSc. (RUP) [UZ, 2012]

BSc. (RUP) [UZ, 2007]

Exec. Cert (Programme & Project Monitoring and Evaluation) [UZ, 2012]

Member (ZIRUP) Urban water supply, Real estate management & regional economic resilience
Mrs. W. T. Tsoriyo

MSc (RUP) [UZ, 2009]

BSc (RUP [UZ, 2007]

Municipal Infrastructure Financing,

Urban Design

Dr. E. Chifamba

DPhil (Rural Dvpt) [UniVen, 2019]

MA  (Dvt Studies) [MSU, 2007]

BA Hons. (Hist. & Dvt

Studies) [GZU, 2003]

PGDHTE [GZU, 2015] Food security
Mr. A. Mushuku

MSc (RUP) [UZ, 2007]

PGD (Project Planning & Mgt) [UZ, 2006]

BA Hons. (Geo) [UZ, 2000] Regional Development
Ms. C. Mutonhodza

MSc (Dvt Studies) [WUA, 2013]

BSc Hons.  RUP [UZ, 2008]

Transport Planning,

Development Planning,

Disaster Management and Planning

Mr. B. Gweshengwe

MA (Poverty & Dvpt) [Sussex University, 2012]

BSc (RUP) [UZ, 2010]  
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